You are invited to perform a rough organizational self-assessment to identify to which extent you as a person or your organization meets the 10 TSC-criteria from the book. High scores on the 10 criteria indicate that you are probably well prepared for the future, i.e. there is a good chance that you and your organization will be able to provide sustainable innovation in the future. Low scores indicate that you or your organization may be ?caught in the cycle?, i.e. you may have been attacked by the ?virus of success? that the book claims will threaten your organization?s ability to grow and prosper in the long term. Please note, for the sake of good order, that the TSC index provides a rough indication only.

You can perform the TSC Assessment in three different ways:

1. Perform an individual assessment. You may answer sixty easy multiple-choice questions about your organization and we will return your organization?s Second Cycle Index.

2. Participate in an assessment that has been set up by the human resource manager or somebody else from your organization. This applies only if that person has sent you and your colleagues a password. If you want to see the overall results from the TSC assessment of your organization, you are invited to contact the person directly.

3. Organize a TSC assessment for your organization. It takes you only a few minutes to enter the general information about yourself and your organization. The system will return a password to you, which you may distribute to all the employees that you want to involve in the assessment.

Your data will be used by Lars Kolind for statistical purposes, but your name and your company?s name will not be published.

Only the person that organized the assessment has access to the results. We urge you to share the key findings with those employees that have participated.

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